Yoga DJs

Popular DJs sound off on the creative process of syncing beats to asana and on their emerging roles in the yoga community.

DJ Tasha Blank

New York City

DJ Tasha Blank believes in the healing power of music and movement because she’s lived it. Discovering ecstatic, freeform dance in her early twenties helped her overcome the eating disorders she’d suffered during her time as a classical dancer. “I felt like I was dancing for the first time,” she says. “It was totally different, because it was my dance. It was coming from the inside-out, rather than outside-in.” Deeply moved by the experience, Tasha Blank started throwing occasional ecstatic dance events and DJ’ing. Now a full-time DJ and a devoted yogi who practices daily, she spins deep house music at dance gigs and yoga events in 
New York City, as well as at festivals around the country.

DJ Sol Rising

Los Angeles

The in-house DJ at Wanderlust’s almost year-old brick and mortar space located in Hollywood, California, DJ Sol Rising has a long history with both yoga and DJ’ing: His mother introduced him to meditation at age 4, and he grew up studying the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita at the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa. As a teen he became a scratch DJ, winning national hip-hop competitions. But Sol Rising wasn’t convinced that he could make a living as a DJ, so he decided to go to school to become an accountant. It was his spiritual teacher, Sai Maa, who encouraged him to return to his musical path.


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