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Evia Silence

At the picturesque bay “Porto Buffalo” in south-central Evia, there you can find the boutique hotel “Evia Silence”

Built at the edge of a hill only ten meters from the beach, it has 8 rooms (double/triple), a lounge bar/restaurant, as well as an air-conditioned yoga room with an enchanting view to the sea.

  • “Io” Yoga Room: Our new hall, with a view to both the sea and the mountain, it is the crowning jewel of our hotel. It has a fir wood floor and ceiling, painted with an ecological paint, in line with the ancient Greek techniques. Available both during the winter and summer seasons.

Technical specifications: Fir Wood Floor (70m² free space with no columns in between). Inclined Fir wood Ceiling (Maximum height: 3.20m – Minimum height: 2.20m).

  • “Voos Avli” Bar/Restaurant: Based on tradition and the fruits of the Greek land, we provide you a modern and unique gastronomical experience. Our chef designs specialized dietary menus, adapted to the requirements of each individual workshop.

Indicative Vegan Menu

MENU 1  Tomato soup Avocado sphere with cabbage and carrots • Broccoli soufflé • Chickpea imam

MENU 2  Spinach soup • “Dakos” (traditional salad with rusks) with lentils, tomato & molasses • Vegetable risotto with saffron • Ratatouille with oregano pesto

MENU 3  Broccoli-crab apple soup • Finely diced Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives) with lentil sprouts • Fava bean croquettes with sautéed greens • Mushroom burger with a potato jacket

MENU 4  Pumpkin soup • Quinoa & Aubergine Tabbouleh • Pappardelle with spinach & asparagus • legume balls with mashed carrots/peas

DESSERTS  Rice pudding with almond milk • Semolina halva with panna cotta • Vegan chocolate mousse

BREAKFAST  Freshly squeezed juices • Vegetable butter / jam / honey • Vegetable milk • Cereals • Fresh & dried fruit • Cereal bar • Vegetable tart • “Chortopita” (traditional Greek pie with greens)

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan

  • Rooms:  At a distance of just 10 metres from the beach, the rooms of “Evia Silence” are spacious – 30m² – with one double bed and one single bed. They include a stove with 4 hotplates, an oven, and a large fridge. Each room has a private balcony with a view to the sea.

How to reach “Evia Silence”

  • By the Agia Marina-Nea Styra Ferry Boat

There are daily fairy services from the small port of Agia Marina, in Schinias, Attica, to Nea Styra, Evia. Once you have reached Nea Styra, you will drive for about 15 minutes on the regional road Nea Styra-Aliveri, turn left at the sign writing “Porto Buffalo”, and within 5 minutes you will be at “Evia Silence”.

Total duration of journey from the centre of Athens: about 2 hours and 15 minutes

  • By car from Chalkida

You will take the national road Athens-Lamia. At the level of Chalkida, turn right and head towards Aliveri. From Aliveri, you will take the road to Karystos. Once you have passed the village Lepoura, turn left towards Porto Buffalo, and within 5 minutes you will be at “Evia Silence”.

Total duration of journey from the centre of Athens: about 2 hours and 10 minutes

Some information on “Porto Buffalo”

According to writers from the ancient times, Buffalo is the location of “Voos Avli”, also known as “Voufalo” or “Voos Kefali”. The area has been linked to the story of Io, the daughter of Inachus, who was a priestess at the temple of Hera in Argos, but also Zeus’ lover. When Hera became aware of her betrayal, she transformed Io into a cow and sent her to Argos Panoptes (a mythical giant with 100 eyes) to guard her, so that she would not meet with Zeus ever again. As an extra measure of security, he tied her to an olive tree at the location of “Voos Avli” (Yard of the Buffalo), now Porto Buffalo. Zeus ordered Hermes to rescue his lover from Argos; Hermes put the guardian to sleep by playing the flute and then killed him, which earned him the name “Argeiphontes”, or “Argos-slayer”. The slaying of Argos took place in the location of “Argyra”, near the present Argyro.


Harrys Tzortzakis

Owner & CEO

Evia Silence

Porto Buffalo – Evia Island – Greece

Tel.: +30 210 7226892 – Mob.: +30 6973770522

Skype: harrys.tzortzakis

E-mail: eviasilence@gmail.com

Website: www.eviasilence.com

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